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Small Business Owner


I am running for City Council because I love Fountain Valley and its quiet neighborhoods. That is why we need a strong voice at City Hall who will fight to preserve this quality of life.


My wife and I are blessed with four beautiful children. Like many of you, I want my children to grow up in a clean and safe city. But there are many issues that are threatening our way of life.


Small businesses in our City are severely impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.                                                                                                                    

Outsiders are calling on the City Council to “defund” our Police Department. Cutting the Police Department budget is not the answer but it will only increase crimes and response time.


These new threats also did not make our existing problems go away.

Homelessness, high density housing and traffic congestion – none of these issues disappeared because of Covid-19. 

 As your Council Member, I pledge to:


       Fiscal Responsibility

       Support our police officers & firefighters

       Promote business friendly policies

       Protect our small neighborhoods

       Fully fund senior service programs

My Community Involvements

  • President of Fountain Valley Rotary Club

  • Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Council-Liaison

I look forward to hearing from you on the campaign trail and having the opportunity to earn your vote.




GET INVOLVED by contributing to help elect

TED BUI for Fountain Valley City Councilmember.

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