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List of supporters and sponsorships

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Jean Hardy

Dan Vo

Henry Diep

Steve Ross

Victor Lam

Mike Vo

Harry Nguyen

Bui Hoang Hoa

Lan Ngoc Tran

An Vinh Ly

Song Yang

Khoa Dai Le

Son Dang 

Tom Le

Christman Pham

Kiemlien Tran

Jason Tran      

Howard Vo      

Jade Huynh    


__Hello good neighbors and FV residents,

Today I was contacted by the City of Fountain Valley congratulating me on the campaign's win for the position of City Council.

Thank you for over 9,000 voters who have chosen me to be their voices as their City Council member.

Also I would like to thanks Mayor Cheryl Brothers and Steve Nagel for their decades of service for the City of Fountain Valley.

I am blessed and grateful to all my family members, good friends, donors, supporters, and voters because without their generosity and belief in me, none of this would have been possible. The winning of this election belongs to you all as well!

This election is not about me but it's about the will, the voice and the wishes of our community for a new vision and ideals for the city.

There are going to be a lot of work and challenges coming months ahead to overcome this economic COVID-19 crisis and I am looking forward and hopeful that seating members of the City Council and the City Manager will share the same vision.

Serving this great bedroom community and the wonderful people of Fountain Valley will be my honor.

A little humor of the day

Who says that Fountain Valley is a small community if you walk with me, I can help you change your mind?

My response
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